Concrete driveway replacement is an excellent solution for a driveway that has obviously seen better years.

If you live in Winston-Salem, NC, you probably have many driveways in your neighborhood that are opting to have concrete driveway replacements. If you are thinking of doing the same for your driveway, then you will most likely incur around $2 to $15 per square footage on average. That would be $200 to $1,500 for a 100 sq. ft driveway.

Although the average rate you will pay is pretty much a standard for your place, the driveway replacement costs can still vary for some reasons. One, you need to consider the area to be replaced. Next, you need to consider the scale of your replacement—lastly consider other factors that inflate the cost of concrete driveway concrete replacement.

Concrete Driveway Replacement Cost per Area

Your driveway area is the main thing that you need to consider when estimating the cost to replace driveway. Typically, the rate can range from $1 to $50 per square footage. This can increase depending on your location, but on average, the rate is around $3 to $12 per square footage.

Low-cost location

Low-costs areas typically do not have high rates. On average, you can spend around $3 to $7 per square foot to replace asphalt driveway with concrete. If you have a 100 square foot driveway in a low-cost area, your driveway replacement cost will range from $300 to $700.

Mid-cost location

For mid-cost areas, you will approximately spend around $7 to $12. So, if you have a 100 square foot driveway, then you will have to be ready to spend around $700 to $1,200.

High-cost location

If you are living in a high-cost area in Winston-Salem city, then you can end up spending $12 to $18 per square footage. For a 100 square foot concrete driveway replacement, that would be around $1,200 to $1,800.

Overall, if it is by area, then you can look into spending an average of $3 to $12 for your concrete driveway replacement near me service. The table below, gives you an approximate range of the total cost you can incur by footage.

200$600 to $2,400
400$1,200 to $4,800
600$1,800 to $7,200
800$2,400 to $9,600
1000$3,000 to $12,000
This is approximation based on: Promatcher

Concrete Driveway Replacement Cost per Scale

Aside from the area where you live, the scale of your project will also affect the cost to replace concrete driveway. The more complicated and tedious your driveway replacement will be, the higher your cost.

Basic scale

If you only need some basic repairs or replacement to your concrete driveway, then it will cost you a little less. The base rate can range from $3 to $12 per square foot. Of course, this rate may change as you add more services. At the basic scale driveway replacement cost, you can already add:

  • Exposed aggregate
  • Borders
  • Basic stencil
  • Texture to surface finish
basic concrete driveway replacement

Mid-range scale

If you plan to replace concrete driveway with pavers, you can be looking at a mid-range replacement scale. This is especially true if the area you are doing is bigger. At this scale, you are looking to spend around $12 to $18. At this scale, on top of the basic stuff, you can add:

  • Stamps
  • Engravings
  • Scored concrete
  • Stained concrete
  • Dual or tri-color stains
mid-range concrete driveway replacement

High-end scale

If you want your concrete driveway replacement in Winston-Salem to be a bit more extra, then you can do a high-end scale. High-end replacement may cost you $18 to $25 per foot. At this scale, you can add:

  • Contrasting borders
  • Multiple stamps
  • Request for hand application of stains
  • Accents and embellishments
  • Advanced stenciling
  • Multiple stain colors
high-end concrete driveway replacement

Why Opt for Concrete Driveway Replacement?

There are many reasons why you should choose concrete. Many people opt to replace asphalt driveway with concrete. Some do so because it is less of a hassle to maintain. Some do so because concrete is more aesthetically pleasing and tends to last longer.

It does not require intensive maintenance.

Compared to asphalt, gravel, and other materials, concrete driveways are easier to maintain. While asphalt needs to be sealed every three or 6 months, concrete only needs occasional degreasing. This can save not only money but time as well. Concrete might be a bit more expensive than asphalt at installation, but you can save more in the long run after that.

It can last longer.

Even if you spend a higher driveway replacement cost for concrete, it will be a worthwhile investment. Given the changing weather of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, especially the summer heat, you need your driveway to last long. Concrete, when maintained well, can last as long as 50 years, even more. This is longer than asphalt, which can only last up to 25 to 30 years at best.

It is easy to install (pour).

Having a concrete driveway replacement done is as easy as pouring it on the mold, smoothen, and wait for it to cure. If your contractor uses self-leveling concrete, then that installation will become even faster. This is better compared to asphalt that needs to be poured and then flattened as you go. Preparing the asphalt mixture is more complex than cement as well.

It has more design flexibility.

Concrete is flexible when it comes to designs. If you are not in favor of using slabs, then you can replace concrete driveway with pavers. You can also add stains, accents, and more. Other materials like asphalt on the other hand is not as flexible. If you do manage to make a mix design, it will take time and effort. It will also cost you more.


Replacing your driveway can be a tough decision to make, especially if you do not know which contractor around Winston-Salem and the material you will hire and use. But in most cases, if you are in Winston-Salem, it would be better to replace asphalt driveway with concrete. And there is a good reason for that. We outlined some of those reasons above.

If you do decide to go for concrete driveway replacement, then you need to know how much you will be spending. If you are planning to avail of a basic concrete driveway replacement near me service, then you are looking at an average of $3 to $12 rate per square foot. Of course, this can increase as you upgrade your replacement.